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Bay Sailors, Inc.
A Sailing Club for Singles




Your Membership includes:

• Unlimited sailing—subject to assignment availability. See our Events for the current schedule. To go sailing, members may register at the monthly meeting, or email/telephone the Cruising Coordinator to sign up for a sail. 


• International trips. Club members go sailing around the world or closer to home. 



International trips:

2019 — Mallorca Spain - Balearic Islands

2017 — Greece

2017 — Abacos

2016 — Croatia

2016 — Greece

2015 — Norway

2015 — Greek Islands

2014 — British Virgin Islands (Link to Video)

2014 — Greece/Aegean Sea

2014 — Lake Michigan

2013 — British Virgin Islands

2013 — Maine Schooners

2012 — British Virgin Islands

2012 — Italy/Amalfi Coast

2012 — Chesapeake Bay

2011 — Grenada, St. Vincent, Grenadines

2010 — Southern France Canals

2009 — San Juan Islands, Washington State

2008 — St. Martin

2008 — Croatia/Dalmatian Coast

2007 — British Virgin Islands (BVIs)

2006 — Abacos, Bahamas

2005 — Greece / Agean Sea

2004 — British Virgin Islands (BVIs)

2003 — Abacos, Bahamas

1995 — Abacos, Bahamas


You need to know what's going on for your safety as well as the safety of those around you. Sailing is considered a risky activity. The level of risk is minimized through the education and safety practices of the participants. Bay Sailors, Inc. strongly encourages its members to participate in education programs both within and outside the club.


Bay Sailors helps its member through:

- providing practice on-the-water
- providing educational sessions
- encouraging outside education



Bay Sailors provides practice on the water during day sails and weekend sails. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and to not be afraid to take the helm. The assigned crew for each sail includes at least one "experienced" member to act as first mate to the skipper, and thus experienced members may receive preference in assignments.


Bay Sailors presents educational programs at the monthly membership meeting. Periodically, training weekends or special sessions are scheduled.



Social Events occur several times a year. For many parties members can sign up to sail in or drive in. Recent social events include a Holiday Party, a Pirate Party and an End of Year Party.